What we do


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Client Services

Behind our success are foundations built on a firm understanding that delivered excellence in the form of Customer Service will support our client relationships and ensure our client base grows based on a sound professional reputation in our given market.

At B.H.Consulting, we understand that relationship management is vital. We also understand that companies don’t do business with companies,, people do business with people, that’s why we take the time to get to know you and afford you the opportunity to get to know us.

As important as the quality of candidates is in the process, equally vital is our understanding of your corporate culture and ethos in ensuring our candidates match and add value to your team.

We are unique in as much we don’t just work for you, we work with you all the way through from advising on salary packages for particular positions, developing candidate profiles, understanding your output expectations from any given appointment. This enables us to focus in on candidate selection.

Our desire is to develop a long term relationship with all our clients and candidates, we operate with integrity at all times and protect your reputation as if it was our own.
Each client is given an allocated member of our team through which, you will be constantly updated as often as you require, recruitment plans will be developed and milestones established.

Our “Buy-Buy & Buy Again culture ensures we remain committed to developing a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties, ensuring our clients success and our own organic growth ambitions in partnership.

Candidate Services

We deliver to you a succinct and accurate overview of the market and skill area you work within. Closely aligning your long-term career goals and personal needs to define the ideal company profile and match you with the right business and culture for a long- term, fulfilling and successful career.

At B.H.Consulting, we understand the need to feel happy, fulfilled and engaged within your career. Work being the place we spend majority of our time, it is important we align you with the company that offers you the right technology, projects, culture and flexibility to fit your long-term needs and career aspirations.

It is important that we put each person in a lasting, matching role and company, to ensure there is longevity and commitment from both sides in any new placement. A high percentage of our clients have worked with us for over five years’ and an even higher percentage of our candidates are now working with us as clients, hiring into their own teams within the role we assisted them in achieving.

B.H. & Co. Consulting are not in the market for creating short- term relationships nor realizing “quick wins” . We strive to always engage people with the view to a lasting and mutually beneficial professional relationship. It makes much more sense to look after those you already work with than to always find new people or companies to supply.

In choosing to work with us you will be given a full overview and an honest appraisal of the types of opportunities available, salary expectations and market rates, as well as an in-depth and thorough understanding of the companies we work with and what they are looking for. Never aligning you with any role unless it is absolutely a match for your own and the company needs.